Principles for improvising the indian way, Sakis Laios, (Bānsurī, Tablā),
Theme and early-stage development of a Bandish over Rāga Ahir Bhairava.
A video presenting some basic structural elements of Hindusthani Classical Music, focusing on a Masīdkhanī-type composition on Rāga Ahir Bhairava. The following features are presented:
  • a main composition (Bandish) [comprising of 3 parts: Sthāyī, Uccāla 1 & Uccāla 2),
  • some exemplary elementary improvisational phrases (Tāna-s),
  • the ways of moving back and forth to and from each part, by adjusting the Mukhaďā
Be in touch, for upcoming interactive version, in which the user will be able to loop parts, in order for him to study thoroughly. This video tutorial is mostly addressed to Greek and Western musicians wishing to get a glimpse of the principles undelying the improvisational practices of the Classical music of Northern India.