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Indian music

  • Patrick Moutal's website on Indian Classical Music, Indian music, en
    The Website of Prof. Patrick Moutal, a French Ethnomusicologist and Sitar player. Many interesting audio and video recordings, as well as some very educative and inspirational radio-presentations of Raga-s.
  • Chandrakantha and David Courtney's Homepage on Indian Music, Indian music, en
    Great and very inspirational site on Hindusthani Classical music, maintained by a couple of musicians. They also promote their books, lessons, concerts atc.
  • Indian Classical Music Blogspot, Indian music, en
    A nice website (in the cost-free form of a blog) that contains a Raaga-base, with a catalogue of numerous Rāga-s, for which there is basic (and very useful) information provided, such as Āroha, Avaroha, Pakaďa and Ţhāţa, supported by numerous audio and video extracts. Also, a database of important Artists in the field of Indian Classical Muic, as well as a Theoretical section with definitions of the basic terms.

Zut! let's not forget these...

  • Ochra Spirohaiti (music band) - Blog, Zut! let's not forget these..., el
    Ochra Spirohaiti's blog. O.S. is an Athens-based music band that has been actively participating in social issues and struggles for many years now. O.S., a component of the pan-hellenic "+τεχνία-" think-tank group, besides being creators of compositions which I consider of high poetic and musical value, have been expressing their thoughts in numerous writings and discussions on music, and art in general, mostly focusing on issues of [non]commercialization and management of one's creativity in the capitalist world.