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  • Civilitas v.3.0 - Politics, local history, arts, gaming, Extra-musical, but interesting, el
    A blog "… against crude rudeness, worthlessness and populism", με συγκεντρωμένη νομοθεσία σχετικά με εργασία, μετανάστευση και θέματα δημόσιας διοίκησης, αναδημοσιεύσεις άρθρων και προσωπική αρθρογραφία του συντάκτη του blog.

Friends and colleagues

Indian music

  • Patrick Moutal's website on Indian Classical Music, Indian music, en
    The Website of Prof. Patrick Moutal, a French Ethnomusicologist and Sitar player. Many interesting audio and video recordings, as well as some very educative and inspirational radio-presentations of Raga-s.
  • Chandrakantha and David Courtney's Homepage on Indian Music, Indian music, en
    Great and very inspirational site on Hindusthani Classical music, maintained by a couple of musicians. They also promote their books, lessons, concerts atc.
  • Indian Classical Music Blogspot, Indian music, en
    A nice website (in the cost-free form of a blog) that contains a Raaga-base, with a catalogue of numerous Rāga-s, for which there is basic (and very useful) information provided, such as Āroha, Avaroha, Pakaďa and Ţhāţa, supported by numerous audio and video extracts. Also, a database of important Artists in the field of Indian Classical Muic, as well as a Theoretical section with definitions of the basic terms.
  • Swarganga.org, Indian music, en
    Adwait Joshi's site on Indian Classical Music. It includes 5 databases, of which the most interesting is probably the first one (Raagabase) as it incorporates the "Raagafinder" utility, used to trace a Rāga by inserting the Swara-s used in Āroha and Avaroha: 1. Raagabase (Description of Rāga-s with audio samples), 2. Taalabase (Description of Indian Taals), 3. Bandishbase (Texts of Bandishes in various Rāga-s), 4. Hindi Songs Based on Rāga-s, 5. Marathi Songs Based on Rāga-s.


  • ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Institutes, en
    has 2 interesting sections: το ένα περιλαμβάνει μια σύντομη ιστορική επισκόπηση της Ινδικής κλασικής μουσικής και το άλλο ασχολείται με την ένταξη των Rāga στα διάφορα Ţhāţa, με μουσικά αποσπάσματα ηχογραφήσεων.

Live Performances


  • ΠΑΡΑΥΤΑ Studio, Music, el, en
    Music from Studio ΠΑΡΑΥΤΑ


  • Echochroma, Publishers, el, en
    3D Games
  • Aiora Press, Publishers, el, en, it, de, fr
    Aiora Press is an independent Greek publishing house. Its catalogue includes books offering a fresh perspective in Politics, History, Social Science, Languages, Literature, Theatre, Health, Eastern Philosophy, Children's Books. The Modern Greek Classics series presents classic works of modern Greek literature translated into English, German, French, Italian and Russian.

Turkish music

  • Türk Mûsikîsi, Turkish music, tu
    Best website on Turkish music. Texts solely in Turkish, you will, however, be able to take advantage from the scores. Also, rhythms, maqams, biographies

Zut! let's not forget these...

  • Ochra Spirohaiti (music band) - Blog, Zut! let's not forget these..., el
    Ochra Spirohaiti's blog. O.S. is an Athens-based music band that has been actively participating in social issues and struggles for many years now. O.S., a component of the pan-hellenic "+τεχνία-" think-tank group, besides being creators of compositions which I consider of high poetic and musical value, have been expressing their thoughts in numerous writings and discussions on music, and art in general, mostly focusing on issues of [non]commercialization and management of one's creativity in the capitalist world.